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We are proud to be a community of providers, supplier partners and like-minded business professionals working together for the overall betterment of women's health care.

Essentially Women is a member service organization (MSO) for providers catering to mastectomy and women's health. Our team of experienced, passionate businesswomen is committed to helping members navigate this industry as it continues to evolve. We strive to find innovative solutions to ensure overall long-term stability of our members' businesses. 

An MSO is a constantly-evolving menu of professional business services that help sustain your company's competitive advantage. Essentially Women's offering is administered by knowledgeable and passionate associates who care about your success.

For more than 20 years, we have been committed to providing the essentials - benefits and services to hundreds of mastectomy and home medical equipment providers, salons and boutique shops nationwide. We believe in the power of community-based health care professionals. Women's health care is not an off-the-shelf purchase. It is most beneficial when administered by local providers who truly care about the best outcome for patients and clients.

As an MSO, our mission is to foster lasting relationships that help our members and vendor partners build alliances and strong business. We understand the daily business challenges you face. We've invested in experts who understand those challenges and have years of experience in the women's health care industry. They are dedicated to researching and understanding your industry and work to keep your business relevant.

Our promise to our community:

  • We are your advocate
  • We connect you with like-minded professionals and experts
  • We provide essential business programs and services that help you compete and prosper
  • We partner with the industry's leading manufacturers
  • We give you time to focus on what you do best - take care of patients and clients

We are Essentially Women. We are your ESSENTIAL business partner. 

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