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Q&A: Am I an “Essential Business”?

Posted On: March 24, 2020 by Essentially Women in: Essential News

Answer: On March 19, the Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued guidance at a federal level regarding which business types are considered essential. It is important to note that in that memo, they clarify that “We recognize that state, local, tribal, and territorial governments are ultimately in charge of implementing and executing response activities in communities under their jurisdiction, while the federal government is in a supporting role… Accordingly, this list is advisory in nature. It is not, nor should it be considered to be, a federal directive or standard in and of itself.” Because of this, we strongly recommend that you contact, and stay in contact with, your LOCAL public health officials regarding which businesses are considered essential from their perspective.  The memo goes on to list roughly 14 broad categories of essential industries, and one of those categories is healthcare/public

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