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Growing Your Business in Today’s Environment: Getting Started in Women’s Health

Posted On: April 14, 2021 by Essentially Women in: Business, Essential News

Originally featured in “VGM Playbook: Growing Your Business in Today's Environment" by VGM & Associates, Nikki Jensen discusses how to grow your women's health business. You can access the full playbook here.  The women’s health market can be a rewarding, profitable, and worthwhile business. While there are many different paths to define women’s health, in this segment we define women’s health as serving the post-mastectomy patient. Checklist to Consider When Providing Post-Mastectomy Products Does your state require licensing as a DMEPOS supplier? If you’re planning to bill Medicare, enroll as a DMEPOS supplier and obtain a Medicare surety bond. Accreditation through a Medicare-approved organization. Mastectomy fitter courses through American Breast Care. Compression courses through mediUSA. A DMEPOS provider can help make the post-surgery days of recovery more comfortable and continue to offer services for women

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