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Member Spotlight: A Cause Worth Fighting For

Posted On: August 19, 2019 by Essentially Women in: Compression, Essential Advantage, Essential News, Legislation, Lymphedema Treatment Act, Members in the News

Kim Neel of Alala When a woman hears she has beaten breast cancer, her life should improve. The fight is over, she’s in the clear, it’s time for things to go back to normal. But, as everyone in the industry knows, that is simply not the case. Side effects of the treatment that saved her life can lead to conditions like lymphedema – a condition that can cause fibrosis, infection, pain, and impaired functioning of the affected body part. Kim Neel, cofounder of Alala, has made it her goal to help those women.  Alala, located in Columbia, South Carolina, was established to help breast cancer survivors through education, support, and supplies. Both cofounders, Kim Neel and Sherry Norris, discovered they had lymphedema and have been advocates ever since. Their activism led them to become outspoken supporters for the Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA). The LTA is a bill intended to undue Medicare changing their policy in 2010 to no longer reimburse for compression garments

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