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Greetings from AnaOno! Introducing Gina, Our Newest Product Offering!

Posted On: May 20, 2020 by Essentially Women in:

Introducing Gina, Our Newest Product Offering! Meet Gina. The first-ever bra designed specifically for women choosing to remain flat. It's back and better than ever... this time with POCKETS! The beautiful stretch lace accommodates small and lightweight breast forms giving women the choice to flaunt it flat or with forms. Since it has pockets, women can benefit from utilizing their insurance coverage for this sexy style. The high midline provides comfort and beauty to mask any scarring while providing additional coverage against the body or the bridge between the forms. We recommend forms that are lightweight, like our AnaOno Foobs ™ or prosthetics that achieve an A-B cup shape and help you feel your best. 

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