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The CARES Act Provider Relief Fund allocated $50 billion in relief funding to Medicare providers. Providers who have already received payments from the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund must attest to each payment associated with their billing TIN(s). In addition, providers who have already received payments will need to upload their most recent IRS tax filings as well as estimates of lost revenues for March and April 2020.

If you received the first round of HHS payments that were distributed by United Healthcare by check or ACH deposit, this pertains to you! HHS has begun distributing the remaining $20 billion of the $50 billion general distribution to Medicare providers.

Steps to complete the 2nd Round of HHS Payments:  

  1. The 1st round of payments was sent either by ACH or by check and was based on your Medicare 2019 Fee For Service (FFS). If you received the 1st round of payments, you are eligible for the 2nd round. Click to read a blog with additional information on the HHS distributions. If you have questions about the 1st round of payments, please let us know. Before beginning steps for the 2nd round, you must complete the Attestation for the 1st round of payments. *The TIN you enter cannot have any dashes.  Also, if you received a check the check number should just be the numerical digits of the check number, do not enter CO19. EW members have reported that you may need to enter five or six zeros before the check number for the portal to accept it.
  2. Information to have ready before they start the process: 
  • Tax id # 
  • Tax Return – including the Gross Receipts (depending on the type of business they are will depend on what form they need to show Gross Receipts) 
  • Medicare PTAN # 
  • Medicare/Medicaid Id # 
  • Check # of the 1st round of payments if you received a check (starts with CO19, they will need the 4-5 numbers after)
  1. Confirm the Terms and Conditions 
  1. Then begin the 2nd round using the General Distribution Portal.  After entering in your Tax id number and the check information and amount received, you will be prompted to go back to the beginning and enter the information again.  It will feel very redundant and wrong, but it’s right.  
  2. The final step will provide a verification that can be printed.  An email verification will also be received from HHS. 

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