Being Comfortable When You’re Uncomfortable: AnaOno’s Tips to Help Your Customers After Breast Surgery

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Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno, shares some tips for providers to help patients overcome their feelings of being uncomfortable after surgery or any sort of treatment, and how these tips can help improve the lives of those affected by breast cancer.  

We all know the struggles of trying to get everything checked off your to-do list, only to fall short and not get anything done at all. This is especially true if you’re having a hard day, not feeling well, or not feeling confident in yourself or your body. Dealing with insecurities is already hard enough as human beings, so adding in a mastectomy, reconstruction surgeries, explant surgeries, and breast cancer treatments can plant even more seeds of body image issues and self-doubt. When you’re not feeling your best, especially after a breast surgery, radiation or chemo, it can be really difficult to find the motivation to get moving, and especially, to be productive. 

Whether it’s productivity in the home, workplace or in your life, it’s nearly impossible to get things done when you are uncomfortable or feeling pain. After a single or double mastectomy, reconstruction or other surgeries, mobility and movement can be limited as well, which also makes simple tasks seem daunting. It can be very easy to feel defeated and unproductive. 

How can I help my customers who’ve had breast surgery feel better and help boost their productivity? 

At AnaOno, we know that most days aren’t comfortable for many of our customers, and the impact that can have on their everyday lives, even years beyond surgery. That’s why we design the softest, and most comfy, post-surgical intimates so they can turn their focus back on themselves, and feel supported every step of the way. Because we know that feeling good helps you heal better. 

How can a super soft, comfy bra help my customers? 

Take it from one of our own, Susan, who wrote an email directly to us from her car after an eight-hour day at work. Susan explained that our post-mastectomy bras were the only ones she could wear after surgery, and that day was the first time she hadn’t torn off her bra as soon as she got in her car after her workday. She felt comfy to live the rest of her day fully, rather than wallowing in pain. 

How can I help my customers who complain of pain or discomfort after surgery? 

Ask them where they feel the pain. Is it internal, external, skin irritation from radiation, etc.? This can help steer you to the best products that help them feel most comfortable. For example, if her shoulders or elbows are hurting, then the bra’s underwire may be poking her or the band could be too tight. AnaOno’s bras are always wirefree and super soft to the touch to help ease this discomfort. 

Some more quick tips to help your customers who are uncomfortable after breast surgery: 

For the client in pain: 

Choose styles made with a super soft material, like modal, included in all AnaOno post-mastectomy styles. A soft bra will support and comfort post-surgical irritation, scars, effects from radiation, and other breast cancer treatments. When offering AnaOno in your store, you may also be seeing more breast reconstruction patients than before. Many bras in our assortment are designed to fit F(oo)B™ inserts as well and are all underwire free, a must-have for those with implants and other reconstructive surgeries. 

For the client with discomfort: 

Choose styles with design features suited to their post-surgical bodies, details often missing from traditional lingerie. This includes soft seaming, non-molded cups, adjustable and convertible straps, and a 4-hook closure, so that they can customize the fit to their preference, without feeling the bra digging into them and causing additional pain. 

For the client with low confidence: 

Support them by comforting them that they are not alone. If they are feeling open to it, encourage them to try on a style with feminine and flirty details and to look in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful!” or another mantra that boosts their inner self-love. For some, just knowing that they have something special or pretty on under their favorite dress, or power suit, can improve how they feel, both on the inside and out. 

Hope these tips help you, help us, because no one should feel alone in what they are facing, and with your help we can really improve the lives of those affected by breast cancer. 

- Dana Donofree, Founder & Survivor
[email protected] | | 866-879-1744 | @anaonointimates


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