Breast Cancer: Blood Test May Predict Relapse

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Researchers are getting closer to developing a blood test that detects breast cancer recurrence. Many breast cancer survivors worry about recurrence. Researchers have found that breast cancer receptors show that estrogen receptor (ER)-negative breast cancers are more likely to recur in the first 5 years after diagnosis and ER-positive breast cancers are associated with a higher risk of recurrence in the following 10 years.

New research is looking at the body's antitumor inflammatory response to devise a blood test that may soon predict a person's chances of experiencing breast cancer recurrence. A person with cancer tends to have peripheral blood regulatory T cells with less active pro-inflammatory cytokine signaling pathways and more active immune-suppressive cytokine signaling pathways. This environment can lead to the spread of cancer. Researchers found that the signaling response in T-reg cells were altered for two pro-inflammatory and two anti-inflammatory cytokines in some breast cancer survivors. These responses correlated with the state of the participants' immune systems and accurate predictions of breast cancer recurrence within the following 3-5 years.

Read the full story from Medical News Today.


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