Creating Connections & Lasting Impressions: ABC’s Face of Inspiration Campaign & Contest

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By: Angelica Bryant, Marketing Content Coordinator

American Breast Care is dedicated to helping women lead fuller lives after breast surgery. At ABC, we take pride in our commitment to the amazing women that we serve. Our goal is not only to provide high-quality products & education but to facilitate a positive & meaningful experience in the lives of those within our reach. One of the ways that we look to make that connection is through our Face of Inspiration Campaign and Contest.

American Breast Care created the Face of Inspiration Campaign as a way to build community among the many women living with the realities of breast cancer. We looked to provide a safe space for survivors to speak openly about their experiences, struggles, and triumphs. In this space, survivors make the rules. Through this year-round campaign, women have the opportunity to share their stories, offer encouragement, and make an impact. 

With submission, survivors have the chance to enter ABC’s annual Face of Inspiration Contest. Our Face of Inspiration Contest debuted in celebration of the phenomenal women who share their journey through the FOI Campaign. Each year, ABC looks forward to honoring a survivor who motivates and uplifts those around her. For campaign/contest guidelines and entry, visit

American Breast Care takes pride in providing a space that encourages compassion, motivation & celebration. The Face of Inspiration Campaign and Contest illuminate our continued commitment to service within the breast care community. By leading with integrity, humility, and compassion we strive to make a difference.  

Every interaction is an opportunity to shape memories that far outlast the moments they are created from; these memories establish a legacy. In life, our legacy is only as great as our influence. It is within the power of our connections that an impression is made. 


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