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This week, Nikki Jensen and Tom Powers flew to Washington, D.C. to visit 33 offices to advocate for the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act and to ask for legislators to sign on to support the legislation. This visit is the first since S. 562 and H.R. 1370 were introduced in March.

Keeping our legislation in front of key committee members is incredibly important. Meeting with their staff allows us to explain the issue and let them know that constituents in their districts are asking for legislation.

Tom, Nikki, Sen Scott's Office

Currently, Medicare does not provide coverage for custom breast prosthesis. While they do have a code, L8035, and a fee schedule, Medicare does not cover custom breast prosthesis as a covered item. The breast is one of the only body parts that is not covered by Medicare. For this policy to change, legislation is needed.

Thank you for your hard work already with the Let Her Decide campaign. On International Women’s Day, we pushed to flood the inboxes of all representatives to urge them to sign on. Over 550 letters were sent from March 1 to March 8. To date, almost 1,100 messages have been sent to 161 different members of Congress.

This is incredible work, but is only just the beginning of the process. Your continued help is needed to ensure we have the firepower behind us when we meet with legislators. If every EW member could generate 50 messages, we would go a long way in making an impression. The more messages that are sent, the more our legislators will know that custom breast prosthesis is an issue that impacts their constituents.

This week were able to meet with representatives from Iowa, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina and let them know definitively that constituents in their districts have voiced their concerns by sending letters of support for this important legislation.

Have your representatives signed on? Click to view the current co-sponsors.
S. 562 co-sponsors
H.R. 1370 co-sponsors

What can you do right now to support?

  1. Take Action! Send a pre-written letter to your elected officials.
  2. Like and follow the @LetHerDecide page on Facebook and Twitter, and invite your friends and customers to do the same!
  3. Print the counter cards from the toolkit and put them out. Hand them to your customers and let them know about our issue.
  4. Print the infographic to post in your fitting rooms.
  5. Tell all of your customers about the importance of the bills and how they can help by taking action.
  6. Contact local breast cancer support groups and ask if you can speak about the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act and the Let Her Decide campaign.

Contact Essentially Women if you need help with any of these items.

HME Business recently sat down with Nikki Jensen, VP of Essentially Women, to discuss the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act and Essentially Women's new campaign, Let Her Decide. Look for Episode 004 - The Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act & Six-Year Lookback Audits. The podcast can be downloaded through the major podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.


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