Exercise Alters Breast Tumor Gene Expression

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For the first time, a study has shown that exercise has a direct biological effect on breast tumor gene expression, providing potential insight into previously reported links between exercise and lower mortality risk in breast cancer survivors who exercise compared to those who do not.

Previous to this research, they did not have direct evidence that exercise had an effect on mortality risk. This is the first study that shows that exercise can cause changes in a tumor in people. 

The study selected 27 women to participate in an exercise intervention and 22 women to participate in a mind-body surgical preparation program. Those on the exercise intervention received support to increase physical activity to 220 minutes a week, including 40 minutes of strength training and 180 minutes of moderate-intensity, aerobic exercise. The average time between enrollment and surgery was 29.9 days. Exercise led to alterations in gene expression in breast tumors, suggesting that exercise may have a direct effect on breast cancer.

Read the full story from Medscape or read the research from Clinical Cancer Research.


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