Feel More Like You: Walgreens Launches Service for Patients with Cancer

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Walgreens recently launched a new pharmacy, health, and beauty service called Feel More Like You to provide people living with cancer manage changes associated with treatment. This service is now available at more than 3,000 Walgreens stores across the country. 

The free program was developed in collaboration with Look Good Feel Better Foundation, the leading cancer support organization focusing attention on the appearance and beauty needs of patients with cancer, and Cancer Support Community, the largest professionally led, nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide.

The Walgreens service can help recommend over-the-counter products to help with skin irritation, fatigue, mouth sores or dry mouth. Trained beauty consultants can help suggest personalized beauty or makeup solutions. These staff members have completed empathy training to enhance the level of emotional support that they provide. 

As a mastectomy boutique, consider using Walgreens as a referral source. Provide educational materials to them so they know that they can refer customers to you for items they may need post-mastectomy, reconstruction or for prostheses. Does your local store offer these services? Click here to access a map of locations.

Read the full story from Cure.

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  • Terri Hadley | May 10th 2019 @ 12:44 PM

    Thank you we saw this on TV. Good idea

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