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Bras for after breast or chest surgery

By: Gemma de Diego, Design Manager, Royce Lingerie

At every stage of life, from teen to old age, women need a bra that fits well and is comfortable and supportive. After breast or chest surgery, finding the right bra becomes even more important. 

The right fitting bra is not only crucial for effective support but will boost confidence. Many women experience a loss of confidence and have worries about the shape of their breasts after surgery. Taking the time to be fitted and wearing the right bra throughout their journey will reduce these fears and allow them to focus on recovery. 

What kind of bra is best after surgery?

Straight after surgery, women will benefit from wearing a comfortable, well-fitting, non-wired bra. As the fit is crucial, it's important that they visit a mastectomy fitter before surgery, if time allows. 

In the days following surgery, bras should be:

  • Wirefree
  • Made of soft fabrics
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Front-Fastening
  • Roomy enough to allow for swelling

Six to eight weeks after surgery

By this time, most women feel ready for a more conventional bra. It still needs to be wirefree, but by this point, women will have a little more freedom in terms of style. As all Royce Lingerie bras are wirefree, there are plenty of choices - and many styles come with pockets to hold a prosthesis.

Fitting a Prosthesis

A firm fitting wirefree bra is perfect for fitting a prosthesis. Cotton pockets will not only hold the prosthesis securely in place but are soft to the skin.

Molded Cups

Lightly padded cups create a smooth shape under clothing which is great for ladies with uneven shape.



Modesty Panel

A detachable modesty panel is great for ladies who may be conscious about scarring or uneven shape. They give added coverage and look pretty too.


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