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We are super excited for Focus Conference 2022! Each year, we try to offer something new to our attendees. This year, we are incredibly excited for two new workshops and our speakers. Whether you’re a business owner, office manager, mastectomy fitter, or lymphedema specialist, we have education that will help you professionally and personally.

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CEUs from ABC and BOC are available for the conference. Be sure to check session descriptions in the Education Schedule for the CEU value for ABC and BOC.

Here are a few courses we are incredibly excited about:

Ask me Anything

Presented by Colene Elridge, Be More Consulting, LLC

With so many small businesses, the owner ends up wearing all the hats and spending lots of time just figuring things out. Where we often struggle is not the logistics of running a business, but with people and managing people. This round table discussion-style session will give you the chance to ask an HR professional and Coach how to best manage that sticky “people” situation.

Why Custom?

Presented by Nikki Giamarino, American Breast Care

From billing/reimbursement to product options and successful selling techniques to demonstration, this session will have you asking why you have yet to jump on the custom wagon! Have you wondered if custom is right for your business? Join American Breast Care custom breast prosthesis team members for an interactive session where you will have the opportunity to see, touch and feel the options available, try your hand at scanning, learn about designing marketing materials, and test your knowledge regarding reimbursement.

Cross Your Legs When You Cough, Sneeze or Laugh? Sound Like Anyone You Know?

Presented by Ann Koveck, Chief Clinical Officer, InControl Medical

Incontinence is an issue for many women of a certain age, but it isn’t something we typically want to talk about. As mastectomy fitters, you have a unique and personal relationship with your clients, so they may actually talk to you about more personal or private things happening with their health.

We’ve all heard it, you should do kegal exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. But how do you know if you’re doing them correctly or if it’s helping? It is difficult to measure successful outcomes. This session will discuss female incontinence and the latest advancements for treatment.

We are excited to gather back in person in February. Have you registered yet? View the full education schedule and more at

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