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Focus Speaker Spotlight: Hope is Not a Business Plan

Sunday, February 3, 2019, 11:15 - 12:30 PM
Hope is Not a Business Plan

Douglas Stallbaumer, Owner, Argosy Group

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basic concepts of  business plan
  • Why should you prepare a business plan
  • Why building Marketing and Sales into your budget is a necessity
  • What is included in business plan.
  • How a business plan can  assist your business in growth, compliance and organization.

Session Description:

How many times have you as started out the month with aspirations of finishing a project, only to find yourself not completing that project, and having 3 more on top of it?  When business is going well, how do you react?  How do you measure your return on investment (ROI)  if you don’t have a plan and a focus?   Lack of planning and organization could be your issue.    Shiny object syndrome afflicts all business owners in their pursuit of success.  Sometimes the shiny objects  are only distractions to the overall goal.   Don't get caught chasing shiny objects by creating a business plan that breaks down your goals and your objectives and moves you into the next level of success

Speaker Bio:

As a HME provider for several years  I have had the opportunity to see the issues that face you each day.   Creating solutions to alleviate those issues is what I have focused my  business and my life goals toward.     The past 20 years have been focused at creating low cost or no cost solutions that assist providers in their day to day activity.

Full Conference Registration (10/2/18-2/1/19): $275
Onsite Full Conference Registration: $325

To book your room, call Tradewinds Island Resort at 800-808-9833 and mention “Essentially Women’s Focus Conference” to receive the group rate – it will save you nearly $100 per night! Be sure to book prior to 1/1/18!


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