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When you come home from work, doesn’t putting on a cozy pair of slippers help you unwind from a long day? Not only can slippers kick off a relaxing evening at home, they can also help support your health in unexpected ways!

How can wearing slippers at home contribute to self-care? The answer goes back to the evolution of the surfaces we stand on every day. For most of human history, we walked on soft, forgiving surfaces like earth and sand that naturally conformed to the human footprint. Today, we spend most of our time on hard surfaces that force the foot to flatten into an unnatural position. Over time, this contributes to the development of painful foot problems for many people. 

Vionic believes in support from the ground up. That belief extends from our podiatrist-designed footwear to our 30-day return policy, from our dedicated sales team to the staff training we offer retail partners, and from the information we share to help customers and retailers alike choose footwear to address their unique needs. Read on to learn about the surprising potential health-benefits of slippers and how to choose the right pair of supportive slippers for you.

Step Up Balance & Stability 
Slippers with built-in arch support can better distribute the impact of each footstep to the right parts of the foot, helping to increase your balance and stability while increasing comfort. An unsupported arch can lead to strain and discomfort, which may exacerbate existing foot conditions.

Skip the Sniffles 
When your feet are cold your body is cold, causing the blood vessels in your nose and throat to constrict as your body tries to retain heat. Reducing blood flow can also reduce the ability of your white blood cells to guard against germs. At the same time, feeling chilly may also compromise the ability of tiny hairs lining the sinuses and air passages to filter out germs in the first place! 

Sidestep Swollen Feet 
Compromised circulation may result in uncomfortably swollen feet. Slippers that are designed to offer proper support and fit your footprint could encourage blood flow to the feet, potentially reducing swelling.

Slippers provide a cozy and potentially health-boosting alternative to hard, cold floors. To maximize the benefits of your slippers, seek out styles that include as many as possible of the features listed below.

  • A podiatrist-designed biomechanical footbed to promote natural alignment, supporting you from the ground up.
  • A deep heel cup to promote stability with each step.
  • Arch support to hug your natural footprint, distributing pressure evenly across your foot.
  • A firm but flexible midsole to help optimize your balance.

At Vionic, we believe you should never have to choose between the support you need and the styles you love. That’s why we deliver fashion forward styles that conceal our patented biomechanical technology in each shoe. If you’ve decided that supportive slippers are a good fit for your lifestyle or business, browse our slipper collection at to find styles that will keep you and your customers comfortable, warm, and supported. 


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