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The medi protect partnership is not just about soft supports, products designed to address foot, ankle, knee, back, elbow or wrist conditions. 

It's more than that. Much more

Here's one aspect of the protect partnership we would like to have with you:

Product Training

medi University is set up to educate valued partners such as you. Plus, you will be provided information face-to-face throughout the year focused on increasing your close rate.

Have a product question? Just let us know and we'll provide information.

Want to do some product training face-to-face? No problem. We'll alert your territory business manager. Just send a quick note to [email protected].

Your next step?

Get certified to sell and fit medi protect.orthopedics by completing the product training course at medi u!

Here's how:

Log in to medi University at 
(select Master Fitter and choose the protect Ortho course in the catalog when prompted)

There are 6 body groups covered and the course should take approximately 1 hour to complete. Complete the training and we’ll send you a free pair of medi compression socks!


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