How to Choose the Appropriate Compression Garment

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Often times, you will not only provide your mastectomy patient with bras, prosthesis, etc. But you will also provide the patient with compression products as many patients will develop lymphedema post surgery. Join Essentially Women on April 16th as we learn from Jennifer Jagielski, medi USA's clinical educator on how to choose the appropriate compression garment for your patients. 

Jennifer Jagielski has been in the compression business for over 20 years as a master fitter and biller.  Jennifer has been a clinical educator for mediUSA for 4 years and is certified in wound care as a CWCMS.  Jennifer knows how to think out of the box and create solutions that will work for her patients.  

During this session, attendees will learn the differences in compression garment materials and how they work for patients with Venous Health, Lymphedema, and Wound Care ailments.  Session will review Circular knit, Flat knit, and In-elastic alternatives and selecting the correct product for the condition. Hands on approach on how to measure and fit products to ensure high patient compliance. 

Can't wait to see you in Philadelphia on April 16th!



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