Hurricane Irma and Harvey – How to Handle Replacement Equipment

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CMS finally released guidance for DMEPOS suppliers for handling patients that have had DMEPOS items destroyed due to both hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The Medicare-enrolled supplier does NOT need to gather new documentation to prove the medical need such as the order, office visit, etc. The enrolled supplier is allowed to dispense a new DME item such as oxygen equipment, CPAP machine, hospital bed, wheelchair, prosthetic limb, etc. without having to get a new order and new office visit.

Here are the steps for submitting the claim for payment:

  • You need to include a narrative description on the claim that indicates what happened – e.g., destroyed, irreparably damaged due to results of Hurricane Harvey or Irma.
  • Use modifier RA for replacement equipment.
  • Use modifier CR for catastrophe/disaster related.
  • And any other necessary modifiers for capped rental claims, IRP claims, oxygen claims, etc.

A new capped rental period will begin for these items, and a new rental period will begin for the oxygen equipment as well.

If the beneficiary is located in a competitive bid area (CBA), a contracted supplier must be used. CB contracted suppliers: Please note that you are able to subcontract with a Medicare-enrolled supplier including subcontracting to your own company.

All the hurricane information can be found out:

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