Jealous of Your Girlfriend’s Post? It’s Time to Re-Connect and Re-Engage

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By: Beth Cox Hollingsworth, Director of Operations, VGM Marketing

In a time when we are connected more than ever by cellphones and social media, many people feel a distinct disconnection. We are living in a time where extremes draw great attention, from the Kardashians to Kanye via tweet or the 24-hour news cycle. The speed and quantity of stories that reach us has multiplied rapidly, each one vying for our attention and causing emotional reactions that cloud our vision.

If you feel this disconnect, it might show up in the following feelings: frustration around family or friends who voice their opinions too loudly, sadness caused by following the stories of disasters, or jealously caused by witnessing others’ seemingly perfect online lives.

These feelings are a call to you that it’s time to re-engage with what matters most.

Instead of being distracted by the absurdities that fill our feeds, we need to re-engage with the real people who need us who are all around – our elderly neighbor who loves to visit, the women and children’s organization that is looking for personal finance mentors, the neighborhood park that needs beautifying.

As business owners and leaders, you know that your actions have an incredible impact on others. You’ve seen the ripple effect in action – how the positivity of one small act can multiply over time to many people. Here are quick reminders on how to bring that magic to life for yourself and others.

Be intentional about making the time.

Time is our most valuable resource. We must use it wisely. This may call for blocking out time on the calendar one month in advance. When we get sucked into the stories of streaming series or Facebook scrolling, our time can disappear before our eyes. Be proactive about re-directing it to a new place, where your actions can benefit those around you.

Pick an issue, person, or organization that aligns with your values.

When our actions are value-driven, they are incredibly meaningful. In my life, I value adventure, energy, and connectedness, so I will seek to engage in ways that match those values. Finding clarity about how you want to interact and impact those around you will help you decide where your time will matter most.

Take someone important with you.

You are a leader. You are a mentor. There’s no escaping it. Look for those around you who also need to reconnect. Consider children or teenagers – the ones who don’t have the benefit of remembering what life was like before extreme digital connectedness.

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Beth Cox Hollingsworth is the Director of Operations for VGM Marketing, where she focuses on clearing the way for team members to do their best work. She is passionate about reminding others to live intentionally by forming life-changing habits and sharing their authentic stories with others. She is a certified life and wellness coach and speaker on topics such as personal branding, finding your purpose and speaking to inspire.


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