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The following content is provided by our friend Heather Ferguson from the Lymphedema Advocacy Group. Heather provides some great resources to make contacting your representative as easy as a click of the mouse or the dialing of a phone. Let’s Take Action for Lymphedema Treatment Act - LTA for LTA today!        


Help us get across the finish line this year by taking action today. Together we will pass the LTA!

**Special Report on the LTA Status**

Know that your efforts are making a difference. Momentum is galvanizing important discussions.

Your work and perseverance are helping the LTA. Thank you.

Behind the scenes, our bill is being prepared for possible inclusion in end-of-year bills that may get marked for passage. We are working to position the bill under the best circumstances that may present themselves. We still have a window of opportunity in November and December to help pass the LTA in this 114th Congress.

Policymakers and senior staff have been mapping out year-end legislative packages. This includes health care policy and other urgent matters. Our lead sponsor, Rep. Reichert, has told key committee chairs that our bill is his top legislative priority.

The LTA is well positioned. These efforts show how far we have come in advocating for compression garment therapy: the House Ways and Means staff is hard at work reviewing the LTA with Medicare and the CBO (Congressional Budget Office). Rep. Reichert appealed to the HHS Secretary to set politics aside and help Congress make this happen.

During the week of November 14, when lawmakers returned to work in D.C., we sent a board team of advocates to visit many Senate and House offices. Our grassroots effort reaches across the country and continues to grow our support during extended recess periods. We have achieved an impressive and still-growing list of cosponsors. We continue to strive for our goal of a "super majority" of Congress members!

You can help us achieve our goal to reach a "super-majority" of cosponsors. In the House we need only a few more to reach 266! In the Senate, we have reached halfway to our goal of 60 in just 11 months. Check our website to watch it grow.

In this final stretch, please empower our lead sponsors, Sen. Cantwell and Rep. Reichert, by delivering your ENTIRE state's support. Your letters/calls can help add cosponsors even into December.

Together we will pass the LTA!

Here’s how to help!

The current Congress is now back in session, and we have advocates meeting with dozens of offices throughout this week.

This is the most important time for you to contact your congressional offices again, whether they have already cosponsored or not! Phone calls make a big impact, and everything you need to take action is right here. Most offices have voicemail after hours, so you can call any time.

Sample Voice Message - Feel Free to Personalize

“I’m calling about the Lymphedema Treatment Act, HR1608/S2373. I would like Senator/Representative [name] to please cosponsor this bill if he/she has not already and support its passage during the lame duck session. Medical compression supplies are vital to the treatment and management of lymphedema. This bill will reduce health care costs while improving patient care."

Call Your Two Senators and House Reps

* Senate phone numbers

* House phone numbers

* Current Senate cosponsors

* Current House cosponsors 

Best Email Option for You

With such limited time left in this Congress, sending emails directly to each office's health legislative aide is our best email option. Email letters sent through the form on our website go to general delivery mailboxes, and it takes time for them to be sorted. If you join your state's advocacy team, which is completely free, we will send you the direct email address for the health aide in each of your members' office. Click HERE to join, if you haven't already.

Secondary Email Option for Others

Anyone can use this form simply by filling in their name and address and sending our pre-written letter.

Please encourage the general public to call their members of Congress and use this form to send a letter, by sharing this link via email and social media -

Heather Ferguson
Founder & Executive Director
Lymphedema Advocacy Group


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