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We have had another great week of advocacy for the Make Me Whole Again campaign, to date we have 606 letters set to Congress. If you watched The Steele Report with Nikki Jensen (VGM - Essentially Women), Jill Roberts (NuCara - New Image Boutique) and Julie Gleason (Unity Point Cancer Center) you know that our window of opportunity of getting this bill passed is very small; so your advocacy efforts - whether they are big or small - are greatly appreciated! 

One of the easiest and most natural things for us to do is talk about something we are passionate about to those that we know. I encourage you to print off the cards we have prepared for you and share them with anyone you come across in the coming weeks. Explain to them that women deserve the right to choose the solution that will work best with their body and lifestyle, and currently women have limited options due to Medicare laws. 

Please reach out to our office if you have any questions. 800-988-4484 or [email protected]

Informational Cards


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