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Last week a bill was introduced to the House of Representatives that would allow coverage for Custom Breast Prosthesis from Medicare. This bill has the opportunity to change lives for women across the nation - that is HUGE! So, where do you come in? 

Now that we have a bill introduced, we need to activate our advocates. Essentially Women members have been e-mailed a toolkit, this toolkit was created to help make advocating for this legislation easier. There is a lot of information in the toolkit, so I want to help break it down for you.

In an ideal world, we would want to see advocates doing all of the items in the toolkit; but, in reality, we know you are busy too! One way that you can quickly gain traction on this bill is to have a tablet or computer set up in your store/location, inform your patients about the bill, and ask for them to "Take Action" on the Make Me Whole Again website while they are in the store. By asking your patients to "Take Action," they are sending a pre-written letter to their member's of Congress asking them to support this legislation. 

If you don't have the capability to have a computer or tablet set up, print these cards and hand them out to each patient, friend, family member and acquaintance you see. These will lead them directly to the site to take action. 

As of this morning (10/8/18), 83 letters have been sent to members of Congress. Keep up the great work!

And remember, it's not members of Congress who make change, it's advocates like you and me!


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