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Make Me Whole Again Advocacy: Press Release


The Make Me Whole Again campaign has grown quite the following over the last week; I attribute much of that success to "word of mouth." As of this morning, we had 440 emails sent to Congress, which is 357 more than last week at this time! Continue to tell all your patients, friends, family members and acquaintances about the campaign. Hand them your phone or device pre-loaded to the campaign's "Take Action" center where they can send a pre-written letter to their member of Congress. 

Another easy and effective tool to get more letters sent to Congress from your community and neighboring communities is to send a press release to all your local papers and news stations. To make things easier for you, we have created a press release template for you to use.

Once your press release is sent off, don't be surprised if members of the media contact you to ask for more details or set up a time to call or meet with you. This is not only a boost for the campaign but also an opportunity to get your organization's name in the media and recognized for breast cancer services/products. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Make Me Whole Again team

Press Release


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