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Make Me Whole Again Advocacy: Update


The Make Me Whole Again campaign had another great week, as of this morning, there are 512 letters sent to members of Congress and over the weekend, we received the official announcement that Rep. Steve King (R - IA) has signed onto H.R. 6980

Through conversations we have learned that there are many congressmen who are interested in signing the bill; they just need the extra nudge/reminder to do so. That is where you come in! 

This week I am asking that you contact your elected official; we have a pre-drafted script for you to use that you are welcome to edit and make your own. With election season upon us, this is a great time to not only call your representatives local office, but also invite them to your location so they can see what you are doing for individual's in their district. 

To find the scripts, download the advocacy toolkit and go to page 16.

Contact our offices if you have any questions! Thank you for your support!


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