Medicare Suppliers: Open Enrollment Ends Dec. 31st

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As the industry is in the midst of open enrollment, VGM's Ronda Buhrmester reminds Medicare suppliers that they have until December 31, 2019 to change their enrollment status to non-participating.

In a recent VGM Government update, Ronda explains that being enrolled as a participating supplier means that the supplier accepts the Medicare fee schedule and will bill all claims on an assigned basis. Being enrolled as a non-participating supplier, however, means there are options for the supplier to either submit the claim on an assigned basis or on a non-assigned basis. With the current reimbursement rates, having the option to bill as non-assigned is key in order to survive. Suppliers cannot continue to accept the cuts to reimbursement while still accepting assignment.

Ronda also answers some frequently asked questions and general statements about this issue, including if:

  1. A participating supplier gets reimbursed at a higher rate: False
  2. There are many advantages to being enrolled as a participating supplier: False
  3. On non-assigned claims, there is a limiting charge to the beneficiary: False
  4. With non-assigned claims, there is not any liability for the suppliers: False
  5. If a claim is being submitted as non-assigned, obtaining an ABN will cover the supplier: False

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