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Running a small business dedicated to a woman’s post-mastectomy needs isn’t easy. From the daily challenges of running the shop to the bureaucratic red tape, some days it can feel like the world is against you. However, even with the hiccups and hurdles, each satisfied client makes the headaches worth it. One small business that has been helping women rediscover their confidence for nearly four decades is Absolute Perfection Bra-tique.

Absolute Perfection is locally owned and operated in Appomattox, Virginia. Despite being located in a town of just over 1,700 people and miles away from any metropolitan area, the Bra-tique has been making a name for itself. By focusing on a media strategy, thought leadership, and creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience, 30-year industry veteran Susan Kadas has discovered how to make the business shine.

"We always add a personal touch to everything we do," said Susan. "We make our space feminine and it feels like a living room. And, we keep our atmosphere warm and uplifting. That helps set us apart from some places that treat people like a number."

While the environment is definitely a big part of the customer experience, the fitters are its cornerstone by providing exceptional service. They know when to inform, when to chat, and most importantly, when to listen. By treating their clients like people, they’ve found more of them coming back. 

"We really do care about each woman that walks through our door. If we hear anything about their situation or having a test done, we send them a card and ask them about it next time we see them. It resonates, gets their mind off their cancer or chemo," Susan said. "We also do a lot of follow-up. There’s a three-day phone call after a purchase and we send them a reminder every six months. Our goal is to never leave them floating in the wind."

At Absolute Perfection, their goal is to always leave a good impression with each visit. To do so, Susan has found a way that always puts a smile on each client’s face: humor. 

"You need to have intuition about the client. When we use humor about what we do, it makes them feel comfortable. So, we try to make fittings fun but very informative," she said. "They always leave here laughing. Plus, when employees see how upbeat the clients are, it makes them better."

Their knowledge, empathy, and even humor has gotten their customers talking. Susan has found that when one of their ladies leaves happy, their friends want to know where they went. 

While word-of-mouth has certainly worked, Absolute Perfection has also found success in other forms of marketing to reach a wide audience. From building strong relationships with nurse practitioners to radio advertising, they’ve found several routes to reach those who’d otherwise never hear about their business. 

"We bring cookies and pens to those who let ladies know about us. And, we let them know we’re thankful for sending them our way." Susan said. "That has been one of our most successful ways to bring new clients in."

She added, "As for running ads, that can be tricky. We’ve done radio ads in metros that didn’t do anything, but we’ve done ads in rural areas that have the range to get people to hear it. We’ve also done different types – some serious, some light-hearted, and some that were funny. Really, you have to know the radio station’s audience."

Outside of radio, Susan has also found success in going to women’s groups, going to churches, and going to events where many women are present. "You have to go to where people are," she recommended.

Susan had some final words of insight for women in the industry: "This is such a rewarding business, but everything can be overwhelming. Experience is the best teacher. It’s knowing how to get the customer in the door and how to make her happy."

To connect with our friend Susan Kadas of Absolute Perfection Bra-tique, contact [email protected]


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