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By: Krista Barnett, Marketing Manager, medi USA

Compression is the cornerstone of therapy for patients with chronic venous diseases. Sufferers of venous diseases arise in those who have increased pressure strains on the veins in their legs, which can prompt valves within the veins to fail to work efficiently, resulting in blood flow to back up and eventually pool out into the legs. Venous disease is not curable, but veins do respond well to treatment. Compression therapy is a primary source of treatment that can loosen constriction between the vein walls. Wearing compression garments regularly can help prevent or even stop the progression of vein disease.

Compression hosiery is a common means of halting the progression of venous insufficiency and preserving the circulatory health of legs. By hugging most tightly at the ankle & looser above, graduated compression helps blood and fluid move upward against the force of gravity and towards the heart. This can be adapted to each wearer's needs via the strength of pressure (measured in mmHg) contained within each garment. With its precisely defined pressure, it mechanically counteracts venous valves that don't close properly. Compression stockings stimulate lymph flow and prevent the stasis of fluid in the legs.

Over the years, compression stockings have evolved to be indistinguishable from traditional hosiery to reflect different lifestyles and patient preferences. From patterned knee-high socks to semi-transparent, barely-there thigh-length stockings and even full-length tights in array of vibrant colors, modern compression stockings can complement any wardrobe and reflect individual style while improving overall leg health and well-being. Compression isn’t just worn by those requiring them for health reasons, but rather by those who seek a healthy lifestyle and want to reap the benefits of energized, healthy legs.

Joining medi USA’s top-notch medical compression product lines of mediven and duomed, is Rejuva®, a fashionable compression legwear product line for the patient who aims to supplement their health or lifestyle needs with stylish, quality, graduated compression. Rejuva delivers high-quality, effective therapy in an array of fun patterns and colors backed by medi quality and support. Rejuva is compression for the fashion-forward individual offering subtle and eye-popping colors and patterns for any occasion – no more simple beige or black stockings!

medi USA assumed the Rejuva brand’s operations and product management as the exclusive distributor for Rejuva products in 2018. medi has been manufacturing compression stockings since 1964 and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Rejuva product line. Today, medi continues Rejuva’s mission to “make wearing compression better” by delivering top quality, fashionable and functional products with exceptional service. In a world full of so many choices, Rejuva provides high-quality, effective compression with a stylized flair.


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