Omaha Breast Cancer Survivor Shares How She Manages Lymphedema

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Some research indicates that 40% of breast cancer survivors will develop lymphedema. Once you develop lymphedema, you live with it for the rest of your life. 

Recently, an Omaha breast cancer survivor showed how she has been managing her lymphedema for the past 23 years. Even though many people experience lymphedema, the majority of people do not understand the diagnosis, maintenance required, products available, and cost to the patient. 

Read the full story from KMTV.

The Omaha woman was able to use her story as a spotlight to highlight the Lymphedema Treatment Act. Awareness is not unique to this issue. Patient stories like this are impactful when the issue is explained and viewers can see the impacts on their daily lives.

Do you have patients that would be willing to show how lymphedema or custom breast prosthesis has affected their lives? Encourage them to share their stories and help them along the way. You can also share your story and help bring awareness to important federal legislation, including the Lymphedema Treatment Act and the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act. Use the Let Her Decide Toolkit to help you in this process.

As always, if you need assistance, Essentially Women is hear to help!


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