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Therafirm’s Ease line of compression hosiery debuted in 2014 and quickly rose in popularity among customers due to their construction from ultra-stretchy and super soft yarns. The product resulting from these unique yarns is easy to put on, extra comfortable, and beautifully fashionable—everything that other compression hosiery was not. Due to overwhelming positive feedback on the product line, Therafirm recently expanded the line to fit more patients, with the introduction of extra-large sizes and petite lengths in knee highs.

Previous length offerings were only long and short. Long lengths would accommodate a knee to floor length of 16 inches or greater, while short lengths would accommodate anything under 16 inches.  Because proper fit is very important in compression, Therafirm has added a petite length to fit patients with leg length of fewer than 13 inches. If the top of the knee-high was higher than the bottom of the knee cap, they would no longer be positioned properly. New petite lengths provide a better fit for shorter legs. Short length now accommodates 13 to 16 inches, and there will be no change to long lengths.

Sized by Ankle and Calf Circumference

Unlike other hosiery items, compression knee highs are sized by the circumference of the ankle and the calf. Previous size offerings of small, medium, and large would fit ankle circumference up to 11.5 inches and calf circumference up to 19 inches. With new sizing, including extra-large, Ease knee highs will now fit an ankle circumference up to 15 inches and a calf circumference up to 23 inches.

Therafirm is excited to be able to expand the size and length offerings allowing even more people to experience the health benefits of Ease Opaque gradient compression knee highs

Ease Microfiber Pattern

Another new offering in the Ease line is a new Ease Microfiber pattern. Ease Microfiber Red Dot patterned knee highs will contain all the benefits of the other Ease hosiery products but with a beautiful and fashionable design.

Like other Ease Microfiber hosiery products, the new patterned knee highs are made with high stretch microfiber yarns making them easier to put on than other higher compression garments. This high-stretch quality, beneficial to many wearers and unique among compression garments, is a key feature of all Therafirm’s Ease and Core-Spun lines.

Ease Microfiber Red Dot patterned knee highs are black with a fashionable red dot pattern woven in.  They are available in two compression levels: mild (15-20 mmHg) and moderate (20-30 mmHg). 

Other Features for Ultimate Comfort

Ease Microfiber garments have several other features that contribute to the ultimate comfort. These include a reinforced toe and heel for durability; a smooth and comfortable toe seam to eliminate irritation at the toe; and soft, comfortable, non-restrictive top band to help garments stay in place all day.  Yarns used to make Ease Microfiber garments are super soft, in addition to their high stretch capabilities.

True gradient compression, featured in all Ease compression hosiery, is designed to improve blood flow. Gradient compression delivers a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the ankle of the garment and gradually decreases toward the top. Gradient pressure promotes better circulation and helps control swelling, leg fatigue, mild to moderate varicose veins, leg discomfort, edema, and deep vein thrombosis.



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