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Last March when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we thought it could last a long time, but we all hoped it would be over by October. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. We are still in the midst of a public health emergency (PHE) and we are coming up on what is typically our busiest season, Breast Cancer Awareness month and the fourth quarter.

Many of your typical charity events, awareness walks/runs, and in-store events will either look different or be canceled altogether. However, many events will be turned into virtual events. If you have not invested time and resources on your website or your social media, it’s time to put that project on the front burner. Your website should be an accurate reflection of your business and act like a salesperson who is available 24/7. According to the Pew Research Center, nine-in-ten American adults use the internet and 72% of Americans use some type of social media. Making sure your online presence through your website and your social media is very important, especially when your patients are quarantined and are spending time online.

Virtual Events

Are you doing live videos on Facebook yet? If not, you should be! Live videos are an easy way to draw attention and engagement to your page and your business. Even a short 1-minute video can draw attention to your page. When you go live, your Facebook followers are notified that you’re live. Consider showing your specials for the month, new products, breast cancer facts, or information on custom breast prosthetics. Keep in mind your audience’s attention span. If you wouldn’t watch a video longer than 5 minutes, your customers wouldn’t likely watch either.

How to post a live video:

From your Facebook page on your smartphone, create a post, then under the post options, click Live Video. You will still have to initiate the live video. When you start it, make sure to wait for 6 to 10 seconds before speaking. You might also want to welcome the people who are watching you, wait for people to jump on, and then begin.

Watch Parties

Have you watched a religious worship service while under quarantine? Likely, they are using Facebook Watch Party. A Watch Party is a newer feature that allows Facebook users to hold a live screening of a pre-recorded or live video that is publicly available on Facebook. Group members can all watch and comment on the videos at the same time to create a shared viewing experience.

How to Host a Watch Party:

From your Facebook page on your smartphone, create a post, then under the post options, click Watch Party. You can then choose what video to use to host a watch party, whether it’s one you upload, someone else’s video, or another live video. When you start it, make sure to wait for 6 to 10 seconds before speaking. You might also want to welcome the people who are watching you, wait for people to jump on, and then begin.

*Hint: you might want to try 1 co-worker sharing a live video, and then another hosting a watch party!

With live videos and watch parties, always make sure you’re being intentional. Plan out what you will say and have a script or a conversation guide to keep you on track. If you’re nervous about getting the words right, is a free online teleprompter tool that will follow along with you while you read the text.

Keep Being Social

The more you post and interact with your page, the more you will be visible. Like or comment on other posts with your page, not your personal profile. By using # hashtags, @ mentioning other pages or people, including images or videos in your posts, your page will become more visible. When people interact with your page a lot, they have the option of earning a “Top Fan” badge on Facebook. They will have that badge when interacting with your page.

You can also run promotions on Facebook or Facebook ads to increase your visibility.

Why are we focusing on Facebook? Facebook is still the most used social media platform, especially for your audiences. When you are still building your audience, choose one social media platform and do it well. After that, you can decide if it's worth your time to develop multiple social media platforms.

Other virtual ideas:

Breast Cancer Awareness Month posts: Make yourself the go-to source for information in your community! Post did you know, facts about breast cancer, positive ways to get involved and spread awareness. Consider creating a VIP group or a support group for your customers through Facebook.

If your 5k run/walk has been cancelled, check with the organization hosting the run and if are they still sending out swag bags and if you could participate. If the event still has an assigned route, see if you could post a sign on a commonly used running trail or do sidewalk chalk. See if you can sponsor an ad on their website. They are likely using Facebook advertising to promote their event, so you could potentially partner with them and have business be mentioned as a sponsor either in the ad image or text (and @ mentioned). If they still sending bibs to participants, see if you can be a sponsor on the bib.

Get the Business

Fittings and resupply are a large part of your business during fourth quarter. Consider offering additional ways for your patients to hear about you and work with you during this time. Including e-commerce on your website and using telehealth-type services are options you should consider. Check out our next issue of Essential Advantage for tips on e-commerce and telehealth software. 

Virtual Fittings

Have you done virtual fittings yet? Many of your clients may not be willing to come and see you quite yet. Virtual fittings are a great option for you to still see your clients at a safe distance in the comfort of their homes. American Breast Care has put together a Virtual Fitting Kit to help guide you and your patients through this process. If you’re not comfortable with telehealth fittings, do you have another fitter on staff who would be? Also, just because you may not be comfortable does not mean that your patient isn’t. It is much better to offer it as an option than missing out on a revenue opportunity. If you do virtual fittings, make sure the software you use is acceptable as according to the Office of Civil Rights

End of Year Resupply

As the year closes, your clients may have met their healthcare deductibles and may still need new mastectomy supplies. Send a postcard to your clients to remind them! Strategic Imaging makes it easy for you to market your business and increase your resupply sales! Many EW members have used this program and have had great results, filling their schedules for the remainder of the year. For more information, go to

What else are you planning for your Breast Cancer Awareness month and fourth quarter activities? How have you adapted your typical strategy?


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