Providers Place Value on Non-Clinical Staff

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In a recent HME Newspoll, the vast majority of respondents said they pay non-clinical staff more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. “Non-clinical staff” includes front-line employees that interact with customers on a daily basis, such as customer service reps and delivery technicians. Providers say that not only do these employees have stressful roles, but they also set the tone for patient experience. 

“They are the ones that deal with the public and, therefore, they need to be compensated at a reasonable rate,” wrote Michael Murphy, president, Murphy Medical Supply. “Excellent customer service is a must-have in our industry today.” 

While the range in starting wage varies between respondents in this survey, many agreed that competitive pay helps retain good employees, thereby saving hard costs and boosting performance. Another respondent noted, “Good work environment, empowerment, peer-to-peer leadership and full benefits are keys to retaining staff." 

To read the original article from HME News, click here.


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