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As you plan out your activities for Breast Cancer Awareness month, have you planned out your social media posts? Scheduling your social media posts allows you the convenience of getting the work done ahead of time and knowing that you will continue to have a presence, even in your busiest month.

If you haven’t already preplanned your posts or are looking to post more often to keep in front of your audience, don’t worry. We have you covered! Essentially Women has created some posts with graphics for you to use for free.

Click here to download

If you didn’t have the chance to attend our webinar on social media tools and how to schedule your posts, you can watch the recording here. If you manage several different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, consider using a scheduling tool that allows you to schedule posts at the same time, like Hootsuite. Twitter and Instagram do not allow you to schedule posts in their native apps or on their websites.

As always, if you have questions about social media, let us know.

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