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Maria Markusen is the Director of Development for VGM Retail and a thirteen year veteran #caretailer, speaker and healthcare retail thought leader.  Before joining VGM, Markusen was Co-Founder of Simply Shops and Chief Operating Officer of Simply Retail, hospital retail outsource partners.  A dynamic speaker and twenty year sales trainer in both healthcare retail and long-term care, Maria is a healthcare sales and product development visionary. Maria’s career is focused on capturing the attention of the healthcare consumer.  And training and teaching others to successfully anticipate, forecast and exploit industry shifts with innovative strategies and creative executions while delivering exceptional results to providers, partners and consumers. Earlier in her career, she also was national VP of Sales and COO of multiple national long-term care companies.

Session Overview:

Vision.  More than likely you started your business with the vision of helping others in need.  But when was the last time you analyzed your existing retail business or even your core business to determine how you can help more people and grow your influence and bottom line?  This working session will give you the how, why, and templates to analyze your business to make real impactful changes to create a go to strategy for the long term.


  • Use a holistic but proven approach, the SWOT Analysis, to understand and dig into the details of your business
  • Uncover the right strategic opportunities to propel you to growth
  • Learn what not to do to be successful in your business growth
  • Learn how to create an implementation plan, building on your strengths, and maximizing your opportunities for success

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