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Try these five suggestions to make things fun during the summertime! 

By: Nikki Giamarino, Business Development Manager, American Breast Care 

Here are five fun tips to try this summer – 

1. Chill out with cool treats:  The summer is a perfect time to try a fresh and cool new recipe. Homemade popsicles, ices and fresh fruit “granitas” are the perfect response to the warmer temperatures, and are not just for the magazines. Go to allrecipes.com to find a great new treat for you, your family and friends!

2. Hone your Green thumb: Whether you are working in your home office or in a business setting, plants can be a great addition. Not only do they give life to your space, but studies show they can actually help clean the surrounding air by removing toxins. Here are a few clean air plants that are also low maintenance; Peace lily, Spider plant, Snake plant and golden Pothos. They make great summer gifts!

3. Time to read: It has never been easier to find a way to read whether you are at home or on the go. The traditional book or magazine has given way to electronic readers that are purse-size or even smartphone ready, for magazines check out the app Readly. You can peruse a full line of magazines by swiping left or right on your smartphone. If you aren’t traveling this summer, books can open up a whole new world to you. Try audible.com to download an audiobook.

4. Get moving: Maybe you like to walk or run but rarely venture from that routine. Get out of your rut this summer! There is a reason that yoga, pilates and swimming are so popular! Stretching and moving your body in different ways can be healing and can actually strengthen new muscles in your body. For a new and cool approach before exercise try the water-friendly Active Form by American Breast Care. The innovative design provides a comfortable wearing experience with quick-drying fabric and lightweight microbeads that move and conform to your body. The new front closing and wire-free Active Bra, by American Breast Care is the perfect companion to the Active Form.

5. Go Zen: Just as yoga can calm the mind, mindfulness can bring relaxation to the next level. Deep breathing and visualizing pleasant scenery can make a big difference to your outlook and your stress level. Check out free videos
on YouTube to try at home.

Conclusion: Surprise yourself by trying some new things this summer. It’s even better to bring a friend along for the experience. Once you try these, it may become a healthy new habit! Enjoy your summer!


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