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Essentially Women is excited to release our new resource for members, “Starting an HME Business Focused on Women’s Health.” New provider enrollment for Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance payers can be complicated.   The guide includes a checklist of licenses, permits, and applications needed, a guide to Medicare enrollment, and other important resources that a new women’s health business would need. EW members can download this guide under the Resources section of the members-only portal

“The new ‘Starting an HME Business Focused on Women’s Health’ guide will be incredibly beneficial to Essentially Women members, said Nikki Jensen, vice president of Essentially Women. “There is great potential in the women’s health industry for new businesses. EW has the resources you need to step through this process.”  

If you need additional assistance with any of these steps, Essentially Women has resources to help you get through the process. With discounts through The van Halem Group, reimbursement assistance, government and regulatory assistance, and a discussion board on our members-only portal for you to ask questions to your peers, we will be able to find answers to your questions. Contact Essentially Women at 844-988-4484 or [email protected] with any questions.  

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