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The Let Her Decide team continues to push for additional cosponsors to the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act every day. When we meet or talk with legislators, many of them ask about other organizations that support this legislation, which would show broad support among industry groups. Because of this ask, it is incredibly important that any size organizations, whether large or small, support the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act. The more support and activity we can drive to this legislation, the more successful we will be and the likelihood of the legislation passing will increase. 

On Friday, we were thrilled when we saw that Susan G. Komen is now featuring the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act on their website with instructions on how to take action and send letters to members of Congress asking them to cosponsor the legislation. As one of the largest breast cancer non-profit agencies in the nation, their support is a huge step forward in our advocacy.  

Take action by going to either or Susan G. Komen’s Advocacy website and enter your information. Both websites make it easy with pre-written letters that you can modify with your personal story asking for your legislator to sign-on to support S. 562 or H.R. 1370.  

Have you sent a letter to your legislator? Share your message with us! What does choice or custom breast prosthesis mean to you? 

Are you a member of a breast cancer or healthcare organization? We can use your help! Ask your board, executive director or community outreach coordinator if they would be willing to sign a letter of support for this legislation. Let the Essentially Women and the Let Her Decide team know of their willingness to support so we can reach out and have them officially sign a letter of support. 

Showing support will help solidify our message that all women deserve the right to choose what reconstruction option is best for them after a mastectomy, whether it be surgical reconstruction, off-the-shelf prosthesis, or custom prosthesis.  

The Let Her Decide Team 
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