The Biggest Bang for Your Buck: Getting Credit for Your Vendor Purchases

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Each quarter, Essentially Women issues statements that show the total amount in sales reported to EW from our participating vendors. Many members have asked how they can make sure they are getting all of the vendor discounts available to them or vendors they purchase from are missing from their statement.

To make sure that you are getting the Essentially Women participating vendor discounts and rewards, if the vendor pays rewards, we need your vendor account numbers. Providing vendor account numbers is a simple process.

  • Login to the myEW portal.
  • The number of vendors that you utilize is in the middle of the circle. To add more, click on Improve Your Numbers.  

  • If there is a checkmark beside the vendor, that means we have validated your previously provided account number with that vendor. If there is a + sign, that means we do not have your vendor account number on file or validated.
  • To add, click the + and enter your account number.
  • We will then double check the account number with the vendor. After we hear back from the vendor, we will update the website to reflect a checkmark if we’ve successfully confirmed your account number.

  • As long as you purchase a product from the vendor, your sales should show on the next quarter’s statement. Please know that a few vendors may not show on the statement if they only provide a service.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact Essentially Women at 800-988-4484 or [email protected].


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