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Stressed out from the Holidays?
Sleigh this Holiday Season with a FootMate System.

If the FootMate System can clean and massage Santa and his little elves tired and smelly feet, then it can work wonders for you too!

With more than 11,000 bristles and cradled for the contour of your foot, the FootMate Foot Transformation System can simultaneously massage tender areas of the foot and smooth rough and dry skin to transform your tired and achy feet.

Experience a soothing, invigorating foot shower massage to relieve the stress from the Holidays or any time of the year.

20% off any FootMate Foot Transformation System PLUS free shipping. (Free Shipping within the Continental USA only) Offer Valid 12/1/17-12/31/17.

Call 855-FOOTMATE or email Alan Schecter


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