The House of Representatives Passed the Lymphedema Treatment Act!

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Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the Lymphedema Treatment Act. This bill will improve coverage for medical compression supplies necessary for patients suffering from lymphedema.

Currently, Medicare does not cover one of the most critical therapeutic treatments for lymphedema, an incurable disease affecting 3 million Americans. Lymphedema produces an accumulation of fluid and swelling in the extremities of the body caused by damage to the lymphatic system, most commonly caused by lymph node removal and/or radiation treatment in cancer patients. As a result, many patients suffer from recurrent infections, progressive degradation in their condition, and eventual disability because they cannot afford doctor-prescribed compression garments which alleviate severe swelling and other symptoms of lymphedema. To read more about the Lymphedema Treatment Act visit

Essentially Women’s vice president, Nikki Jensen, applauds this step, stating “Providing access to this important first-line therapy is critical to help patients manage their lymphedema and help prevent infections which may lead to hospitalization.  Urging the Senate to keep the momentum going is a critical step to move this legislation across the finish line.”

This bill will now move on to the Senate. To ensure passage in the Senate, please take a minute to send a message to your Senators asking them to support S.1315.

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