The Lymphedema Treatment Act Passed!

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Last week, President Biden signed the Omnibus bill for 2022. With the signing of this, the Lymphedema Treatment Act was approved. This is a huge victory and is another step towards making sure that everyone is treated fairly and has better access to healthcare.  

This was no small victory, and so many of our EW members contributed to helping pass this bill. This has been a long road to success, but with teamwork and everyone coming together, messaging legislators, and resilience, we were able to accomplish the main goal. Please take this time to message your members of Congress and thank them for the passage of the Lymphedema Treatment Act.  

“Congratulations to the Lymphedema Treatment Act Organization for their tireless efforts to pass the Lymphedema Treatment Act,” said Nikki Jensen, VP of Essentially Women. “As you know, this has been a highly-supported healthcare bill in Congress for several years. Many of you also participated in their calls to action to contact your legislators and ask for their support. With your actions and the actions of so many other patients and industry advocates, this important bill has passed. We now cross our fingers that CMS keeps resupply frequency and reimbursement levels at a rate that is fair.” 

Moving forward, the Lymphedema Advocacy Group will be working closely with CMS as they write the rules of coverage. This is a crucial time and part of the process because what gets written here is what is established for number of garments that can be ordered at a time, frequency of replacements, reimbursement rates, and many other important details that we will keep you updated on.  


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