Treat Yourself as the CEO of Your Life: Introducing Coach Colene as the Focus Conference 2022 Keynote

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Want to be the CEO of Your Life? You’ll want to hear what keynote Coach Colene has to say at Focus 2022. 

Colene ElridgeEssentially Women is excited to introduce Colene Elridge, aka Coach Colene, as the keynote speaker for Focus Conference 2022. Colene Elridge will bring her decade-plus of HR experience to Focus Conference attendees. Known as “the fixer,” she helps organizations and leaders create better workplaces, productive teams, and aligned results. 

“Each year, our Focus Conference committee looks for a keynote to not only be helpful for your businesses, but also has a message that will resonate and hopefully recharge you personally,” said Nikki Jensen, VP of Essentially Women. “Coach Colene will hit on both of those levels.” 

Women are pulled in so many different directions personally, whether that be workplace and management responsibilities, family needs, or friends, we rarely think of ourselves first. We typically play the supporting role in our life than the lead. This year’s keynote session will give you the chance to step into the CEO role of your life. What does this look like? How are each of your departments functioning?  During the session, you’ll have the opportunity to identify your core values, develop a vision statement, identify personal strengths, and understand how to create more energy for yourself to simply get more things done.  More information on the keynote can be found on our website,

Coach Colene will also be joining us for a breakout session, Ask Me Anything. You’ve asked, we’ve listened! With so many small businesses, you end up wearing all the hats and just figuring things out. This interactive session is all about human resources and dealing with people. You’ll have the opportunity to ask an HR professional and Coach on how to best manage those sticky people situations. Make sure to bring your questions and a notebook. You won’t want to miss this session.  

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