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By: Beth Cox Hollingsworth, Director of Operations, VGM Marketing

As business owners and leaders, what is your personal mission or brand? Is it your mission to connect with community members through service? Your store gives women a place where they feel supported, can learn about new solutions, and hopefully, feel less alone. You work hard to build strong in-person relationships, and I’ll bet it shows.

Now, have you considered bottling up all that you offer—your expertise, unique viewpoints, and energy for advocacy—and putting them online? I’m not talking about developing social media pages for your store, but instead using your personal social media profiles to promote all that you are, including your business.

The rise of social media use for the purpose of influencing others, advocating for important causes, relationship building, or sales is known as personal branding, and it’s an important thought leadership strategy for connecting to the 79% of U.S. adults who use social media.

Discovering your personal brand requires self-reflection and awareness. Your brand is made up of everything you do in person, and your goal is to reflect all the important parts of who you are online. By giving others a peek into your life, you attract those with similar interests, values, and missions. Do you cook in a special way? Do you care deeply about post-mastectomy health? Do you value direct communication? Do you get a laugh from Grace and Frankie?

By steadily sharing your life online, you are creating a slow drip or background buzz for others to learn about you and feel connected. When the time comes and they need your services or want to help a friend with a recommendation, they will think of you and have a direct connection. Don’t worry about being judged because it’s your unique traits and authenticity that will attract customers to you.

What Social Media Platform Should You Use?

Use the social media platform that you understand best. Your goal is not to become a social media expert overnight, but to slowly learn the best ways for you to share your stories. Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide where the average time spent per visit is 20 minutes, so it may be beneficial to start your intentional personal branding efforts there. Friending people in your community because you already know them or met them while at an event is a great way to get started.

Consider a the 50:30:20 ratio when you post. 50% (half) of posts can come from other sources. These are articles, videos, or memes that resonate with you. Sharing them is an opportunity to join the conversation that is happening in the news or in your community. 30% of posts are ones you create to share information about your store, your personal mission, or your meaningful stories of service. Always include a photo and a short paragraph to explain the message you want to share. Finally, 20% can be personal, such as your hobbies or travel experience.

Consistency Rules the Day

As in real life, relationships on social media happen with consistent efforts. This means posting regularly, engaging with others by commenting on and “liking” their posts, and remaining true to your brand. If you are generally a positive person, a series of overly negative posts is likely to throw off your audience and make them wonder if everything is okay.

You can get started now by thinking of your social media presence in a new way. Follow these ideas, connect with others, and share in a way that doesn’t come off as a pushy sale. In one year, you’ll be amazed by how far you’ve come to advance your company’s online presence.

Beth Cox Hollingsworth is the Director of Operations for VGM Marketing, where she focuses on clearing the way for team members to do their best work. She is passionate about reminding others to live intentionally by forming life-changing habits and sharing their authentic stories with others. She is a certified life and wellness coach and speaker on topics such as personal branding, finding your purpose, and speaking to inspire.


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