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During the recent Focus Conference, hosted by Essentially Women, Director of VGM Retail Rob Baumhover presented on product merchandising and coaching your retail staff. Speaking at conferences is only one way that VGM Retail works to educate you! Below is look at a section of Rob’s presentation.  

Prior to VGM, Rob spent more than 20 years in the big box retails stores, and one of the questions he was consistently asked was, “What products should I be carrying in my store?” 

Here are a couple of ways to find the answer to this question: 

  • Use your referral sources. Referral sources talk to your customers on a regular basis. They are the ones sending customers to you! Making them part of the equation also helps you make sure that you are carrying the correct products.  
  • Understand and find out what your customer base will want next. Have your staff ask each customer, “Did you find what you were looking for today? Was there anything you couldn’t find? Do you have any recommendations of items you’d like to see in our stores?”  
  • Have a way for customers to leave their ideas behind. Make customer experience cards available or have a digital option for customers to leave behind their ideas or experience in your store.  
  • See what your competition is up to. Don't go to your competition and pick an exact item and start stocking them. Instead, talk to them about your goals, see what they are carrying, and take note of what items seem to be flying off the shelf versus taking up aisle space. 
  • Join member groups. This is a great way to connect with your customers and your peers. Have your questions ready; What’s not moving? What are you having success with? Who are your vendor partners?  
  • Reach out to your vendor partners. Ask them what products they like best and the feedback they are getting from their customers.  
  • Attend a tradeshow at least once a year. You can browse the exhibitors and look for new products and new vendors.  
  • Read and listen. Pick up a magazine, listen to a podcast, and follow industry leaders on social media to notice the latest trends and products. This is also an effective way to find out what customers think of products and services. 

There is no shortage of ways that can help you determine which products you should be carrying in your store. Try one or two, or all of them, and see what works best for your business. You can watch Rob’s full presentation here

Additional educational opportunities from VGM Retail includes: 

  • Virtual Conferences 
  • VGM Retail University 
  • Exclusive content 
  • How–to-Videos 
  • Webinars 
  • Podcasts 

VGM Retail is here to help you be successful. Through educational offerings, consultations, or presentations like the one referenced above, VGM Retail is rewired, and here to educate you! Learn more at

Any questions? Please contact Rob Baumhover at [email protected]


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