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Decisions. We know how overwhelming and stressful they can be, especially for those in our community. Two, One or None. The decision is yours, and yours alone. However, when it comes to making a choice on breast surgery or options post-mastectomy, not all are available or even covered by insurance. Take custom breast prostheses for example, this limits choices even more. At AnaOno, we know decisions are personal and no two individuals are alike. We should all be able to decide what is best for us. And, that can change too. One choice doesn’t have to be the only choice.

You want to get reconstructed? Great!
You want to stay flat? Awesome!
You want to get breast prostheses? Do it!
You want to change your mind? GO FOR IT!
It’s your body, and you get to decide.

At AnaOno, we are inclusive of your choice. Your choice to choose what works for you, what makes you feel confident, and what makes you feel beautiful. Our collections are made for those with one breast, two breasts, no breasts or new breasts, because we know that breasts don’t define who we are, or, the way we feel. Knowing ALL the options, and having all available is so important, not just when it comes to surgery choices, breast prostheses, or bras, but how we take our choices and use them. That’s how AnaOno started. After my own diagnosis with breast cancer in 2010, and following my bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, nothing fit me and my only options were sports bras, camisoles, or traditional uncomfortable lingerie that wasn’t suited for my new body. The experience was exhausting and emotional, and I knew there had to be more out there. But there wasn’t, so I decided to make them. The line includes options for all bodies and surgery decisions following a diagnosis, including various lingerie styles for reconstruction, breast forms, flat, radiation, lumpectomy and more, so that we all can find something that works for us.

Having these bras that support all these decisions is part of it all and how we support the community. Our bras are underwire free and include features like super soft modal fabric, no molded cups for ultimate comfort, and unique proprietary seaming to consider the most sensitive areas. Most styles are pocketed to accommodate for breast forms, pads and prosthesis as well, so you can wear the form for occasional wear, to work, or not at all.

Because, it’s up to you!

What I’m most proud of, is being able to make a difference in the lives of our community worldwide, inspiring confidence and empowering those whose lives have been affected. That’s why our focus is on the WHOLE individual, not just their breasts.

We proudly support the #LetHerDecide campaign, because we all should choose what makes US feel beautiful.



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