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As an ongoing effort to collect information to support the custom breast prosthesis legislation, we need your help! Nikki Jensen and Tom Powers attended a Small Business Administration meeting in Washington, D.C. this summer. Nikki and EW member, Jasmine Jones from Cherry Blossom Intimates, testified about access to custom breast prosthesis for breast cancer survivors.  In follow-up to the testimony and visits, it has been recommended we collect information regarding patient experience about off-the-shelf and custom breast prostheses.  

We are asking for your help. Please send this survey to 15 of your clients. This can be those who have access to custom and those who do not.  The survey is confidential and anonymous. The only identifying item it collects is the state in which you reside. 

Patient experience information is incredibly important to provide to CMS to help affect change. If no one ever speaks up about a wrong that needs to be corrected, why would anything change?

Breast Prosthesis Survey or www.peopleforqualitycare.com/prosthesissurvey  

Feel free to use this language when sending to your patients: 

Subject: Breast Prosthesis Survey 

As a custom breast prosthesis provider, (Name of Boutique) is currently participating in a campaign advocating for the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act. The breast is one of the only body parts not covered by Medicare as a custom replacement. We believe that women should have all options available for breast replacement after mastectomy surgery, including surgical reconstruction, off-the-shelf prosthesis, or custom breast prosthesis.   

In our efforts to help change this Medicare policy, we need your help! Please fill out a survey providing your opinions. Your answers will remain anonymous and confidential. 

Breast Prosthesis Survey 

Have you asked your legislators to sign-on to the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act? Take action and tell your story of what custom breast prosthesis means to you by going to letherdecide.org

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (phone number)


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