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It’s hard to believe, but Focus Conference 2022 will be here before you know it. Have you signed up yet? 

Essentially Women is well underway in planning Focus Conference 2022. We are incredibly excited for two new features of the conference: Retail Round Tables and a Vendor Connection Event.

Moderated by Rob Baumhover, Director of Retail for VGM Retail Services, the Retail Round Table session won’t be your average round table discussion. Prepare for an engaging and lively environment with participation opportunities and active takeaways. Expert-led discussion topics included in this session are:  

  • Marketing: Customers don’t just appear out of thin air- marketing is a must! At this roundtable, discuss with like-minded attendees the dos and don’ts of marketing. Learn about what innovative marketing tactics are working for your peers and how you can use those ideas to captivate new and already loyal customers.  

  • Employee Training: Employee sales incentives? Training resources? Employee Retention? Best practices training? Insert your question here. Combine brainpower with other providers and get solutions to these frequently asked employee training questions.  

  • Products: Time to add sizzle to your inventory! Are you looking for trending products in the industry or strong sellers to add to current product categories? Fire up your questions and investigate what products will spark your sales.  

  • Merchandising: Open the door, step inside, smell the air. All store owners know the satisfying feeling of walking into a well-merchandised store. At this roundtable, banter with the best and learn the how-to’s of merchandising. 

EW is also excited to host our first ever Vendor Connections event. The Vendor Connections event will allow attendees to network with EW vendor partners in this fast-past environment. This event will help you think outside the box and give you the opportunity to look for new opportunities and connect with your exhibitor friends. 

Early bird registration ends Nov. 1, 2021! For more information or to register, go to focus.essentiallywomen.com.  


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