Let Her Decide Congressional Call In Day: April 15, 2020

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Let Her Decide Congressional Call-In Day

April 15, 2020

The House of Representatives and Senate are both in session on April 15, 2020. Let’s make our voices heard and call our Senators and Representatives asking them to sign-on to support S. 562/H.R. 1370, the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act. This isn’t an April Fool’s joke when we say that the breast is one of the only body parts not covered by Medicare as a custom prosthetic replacement! Women deserve to make the choice for themselves.

What? Let your Senators and Representative know you want them to sign-onto S. 562/H.R. 1370, the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act

Why? Your Senators and Representatives are elected to represent YOU, their constituent. If they don’t hear from you about what’s important, they won’t know.

Who? You and anyone else impacted by the Custom Breast Prosthesis Legislation

Goal: Ask for support and sponsorship of S. 562 (Senators) and H.R. 1370 (Representatives) and indicate that this is an important issue to you as a constituent.

How: Call the United States Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121. An operator will connect you with the office.

What to Say:

  • Introduce yourself, including your city and state
  • I am calling today to respectfully request that Senator/Congressman (last name) consider signing-onto S.562/H.R.1370, the Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act.
  • Explain this legislation will allow Medicare to recognize custom breast prosthesis as an option after mastectomy surgery. Provide a personal story of how custom breast prosthetics have made an impact in your life/business or a client’s life.
  • Be authentic as you explain why women need to have all choices available.
  • Thank him/her for his/her time and consideration.

After the Phone Call: Follow-up with a personal email to their official website. Find their official website by looking up your zip code here. 



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