Essentially Women is now offering Lily, a program focused on supporting mothers and babies. 

Lily is a program that offers products, services and solutions to help you support women in all stages of motherhood. Everything from pregnancy to new mom and beyond.  

Why Lily? 

There is a great deal of symbolism associated with the lily flower. It can represent purity, devotion, femininity, and love. Some say lilies mean sweetness, innocence, or beauty. Greek mythology associates lilies with fertility, rebirth, and motherhood.  

This rich symbolism makes Lily the perfect name for the EW mother-baby program. Unlike more baby-specific options, Lily is inclusive of women throughout their lives. It encompasses all things female. Its metaphorical nature leaves it open to interpretation, and ties in easily with concepts and words associated with nature and flowers, such as seeds, blossoms, blooms, and growth. 

About the Program

Named after the flower associated with femininity, love, and motherhood, Lily is here to help you serve women who are pregnant, or are new mothers. We offer products, services, and solutions to help you support women in all stages of motherhood. 

Through Lily, you’ll gain access to education, thought leadership, product vendors, services, and programs dedicated to helping you succeed in this fast-growing area of the women’s care industry.

We’re so excited to embark on the motherhood journey together. Whether you’re starting a new business or expanding your current offerings, Lily is your source for all things mom-related.

Participating Vendors

Compass Health
Core Products
Contour Products
Embr Labs
It’s You Babe, LLC.
Mead Johnson Nutrition
medi USA
Pepper Medical
Royce Lingerie, Limited
Scott Specialties, Inc.
Shear Enterprises
Sunday Greetings
Tommee Tippee
Wear Ease

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