VGM Technologies is squarely focused on our member's security and technology needs.

Major breaches have affected companies and organizations across all sectors of the US economy from retail to healthcare, finance and hospitality. VGM Technologies understands the importance of cyber security, helping our members achieve a strong security posture is our primary goal. Data security in the healthcare sector is vital, as well in all sectors of our business. Our team of IT professionals and our expert partners will provide a wide variety of cyber security services, hardware and software to meet our member's organizational and compliance needs.

Vulnerability Assessment

VGM has partnered with focused experts in the field of cyber security. A "Vulnerability Assessment" is an excellent first step in determining the risks your organization may have. It focuses on your organization's social presence, network security and online presence to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that hackers have access to. You can opt for a one-time assessment or quarterly assessments. Vulnerability findings will be presented with recommendations and remediation tasks.

Penetration Testing

IT Security Compliance regulations and guidelines require an organization to conduct independent testing of their Information Security Program. VGM has partnered with focused experts in the field of cyber security. A "Penetration Test" can include both internal and external tests. These tests can help identify unsecured data and additional weaknesses internally and externally. Both tests result in a documented deliverable with information to determine next steps to resolve issues together with our partners.

Website Protection

Healthcare Websites are becoming a prime target for hackers! Hackers will manipulate the content of your site to create fake financial pages to trick those who trust you into clicking malicious links. Additionally, attackers are defacing websites to claim bragging rights and making websites and companies appear unsafe to patients, caregivers and ultimately referral sources and payers. At VGM Technologies, we offer solutions to detect and reduce the likelihood of your website being hacked by using the same tools and tricks a hacker would use to breach your website.

Breach Protection

According to recent studies, 71% of cyber attacks occur at businesses with fewer than 100 employees. According to the "National Cyber Security Alliance", 60% of small businesses closed within 6 months of a breach. Cyber Insurance is another step for comprehensive cyber protection. Cyber insurance delivers the coverage you need towards remediation costs to minimize impact to your business operations and reputation should a cyber-breach occur. We are committed to helping you find the right cyber coverage to protect your business.

Workforce Security Training

Employees are the weakest link to your data security. Technology and security mechanisms can only go so far. Humans can easily be tricked into clicking on links, or opening malicious emails causing harm to your business. 45-70% of all ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations have been a result of employees clicking on a link or email that was presented by a hacker. Investing in workforce security training to instruct employees how to effectively deal with common threats from social media or phishing can quantifiably reduce security-related risk. Don't let your business or employees fall to the many tricks of hackers. VGM can help you reduce the likelihood and business impacts of security infections due to employee behavior. Through our partnerships with VGM Education, VGM Technologies offers access to training courses and materials on Cyber Security, HIPAA & PCI compliance, and many more.

Incident Response Planning

The best cyber security plan is one that includes having an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or attack (also known as an incident). The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. VGM's expert cyber security partners can help you develop a specific incident response plan to ensure you are prepared in the event of a breach or malware outbreak.

Risk & Compliance

A big issue for most organizations is, "are we meeting our compliance requirements?" Whether its PCI compliance or HIPAA compliance we have expert security partners that specialize in performing risk and compliance assessments. Let us help you evaluate your organization's compliance maturity, identify gaps and develop a clear plan to get you up to the level required by regulatory bodies.

Mobile Solutions

VGM has several partners for mobile solutions to grow your business. The vast majority of Americans - 95% - now own a cellphone of some kind. More and more businesses are going mobile to increase productivity and work smarter and faster. Let us help you select the best mobile solution for your business, such as a surface laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android.

  • VGM Members can receive up to a 22% discount on monthly phone service plans and 20% discount on accessories.
  • VGM members can also receive many discounts from our technology partners for all your mobile solutions.

HIPAA Compliance Software

VGM's HIPAA compliance software provides a simple, cost-effective solution that meets all aspects of HIPAA compliance required by the government. It's a simple, easily-accessible online dashboard technology that consists of:

  • Policies and Procedures with version control and easy-to-accomplish updates
  • Breach and Incident Reporting
  • Awareness Program with quarterly training and management control
  • Automated workforce Security and Privacy Agreement Management and Tracking
  • On-going Security and Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive HIPAA library linked to policies
  • Automated Business Associate Agreement Management and Tracking
  • PHI Location Management and Inventory Control

In addition, our HIPAA compliance software solution comes with OCR audit reports and support.

Business Operations Software

VGM and our expert technology and security partners can help you improve business operations, by becoming more effective and efficient using Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe, antivirus software, endpoint protection software and much more.

Business Phone

VGM has partnered with several phone system providers for your business, ranging from traditional landlines and hard phones to fully cloud-hosted VOIP Providers and softphones. Whether you are trying to save money on your existing long distance and phone systems or moving your business into the next generation of cloud technology to grow your business and set you apart from your competition and streamline your employees, we have options for you to save money and optimize your business. Contact us today by filling out the form for a no obligation review of your business phone needs.

Technology Hardware

VGM has partnered with several technology companies to meet your equipment and hardware needs, from laptops and iPads, to network switches and firewalls to meet your business needs and secure your data. Let our experts help you determine which technology solutions best meet your organization's needs today and into the future.

Home Automation

Smart home automation systems allow your patients to stay in their homes and be independent with activities and can help monitor patient activity and safety. Home automation will control lights, video surveillance, modify the thermostat, lock the doors, arm the security system and more. All controlled via your smartphone or tablet with one touch, no matter where you are. Let our technical experts assist you with all your home automation needs.

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Our Team

Get to know our team.

Nick Dideriksen

Nick Dideriksen
Technical Solutions Consultant, Forbin

Focusing on cybersecurity for the extensive membership organization throughout the 28 business units of VGM.

Jared Hughes

Jared Hughes
Information Security Analyst, VGM Group Inc.

Jared has 10 years of IT experience, working on a variety of projects from Windows domain administration and web hosting to business acquisitions and systems onboarding. Jared's extensive IT experience and his focus on security for VGM the last couple of years goes above and beyond. He has great passion for IT security and is a frequent attendee of the national RSA security conferences. You can often find Jared spending his time outside of work in a capture the flag event where he and a team of IT professionals run thru simulated hacking exercises and challenges. Jared has a wealth of IT and cybersecurity knowledge and is a great asset to our team.

Stacy Palmer

Stacy Palmer
Director of Telecommunications Services

Managing all telecommunications for VGM Group, Inc. since 1999, Stacy has 25 years of telecommunications, sales and customer service experience, and received several customer service awards. Stacy began working for VGM as a Communication Consultant, working with members to provide the best communication solutions for their business. She then transitioned to manage the business office and oversee all communication service implementation projects.


 Michael Cormaney

Michael Cormaney
Network Team Lead & Network Administrator

Michael has been in the Health and Banking industry since entering the IT field. Coming from one of the largest managed security service providers in the Midwest he has had the experience from over 8000 clients planning, designing, and implementing network security solutions as well as core infrastructures. Having spent a number of years as a Sales Engineer, as well as the implementation engineer, you should find him easy to talk to.

Bryan Tonne

Bryan Tonne
Director of Business Technology, VGM Group Inc.

Focusing on innovation, customer service, network and systems hardening, Bryan supports 28 divisions within the VGM Group campuses. Tonne is experienced with international network optimization to enhance the end user experience. He has 17 years' experience and well versed in several different industries such as manufacturing, travel, finance and health care.

Jeremy Kauten

Jeremy Kauten
Chief Information Officer & Senior Vice President of Information Technology, VGM Group, Inc.

Jeremy has spent his entire career in the cyber-world. He currently focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access, change or destruction, in addition to coordinating the optimization of technology throughout the 28 business units of VGM. Kauten's involvement at VGM started in 1997 where he committed himself to growing VGM Forbin and positioning the organization as a leader in healthcare, web development and online security.

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