SOMAVAC: A New Surgical Drain Pump Solution

“The SOMAVAC SVS makes post-surgery discharge collection simple and worry-free ….  I actually found the occasional slight hum of the vac quite restful. I highly recommend it over the old gravity-fed bulb method which can be messy and prone toward infection.” - ZJH from North Carolina

SOMAVAC SVS is a surgical drain pump that replaces the JP bulbs that are attached to the end of surgical drains after mastectomy, breast reconstruction, and other procedures with surgical drains. The system delivers continuous suction at the end of the drains and collects fluid into non-spill, disposable collection bags.  No more cleaning out JP Bulbs or stripping drains to remove clogs.  SOMAVAC provides a clean, comfortable experience so patients can recover with peace of mind. 

Suction bulbs used today were created nearly 50 years ago. They are antiquated and unsanitary.


Somavac offers a drain management system that is clean, simple, and effortless.Traditional bulb vs SOMAVAC

Essentially Women members have a unique opportunity with Somavac. Talk to your patients or your local breast surgeons about Somavac as a new solution for post-op drain management.

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